Friday, 18 May 2018

the solar system

Term 2 - week 2 .

V . t

Walt: write an information report on the solar system

Success criteria:  my writing will have all the structural features  and                                                        
language features of an information report.

The solar system

The solar system was created by the  the planets that orbit
around the sun.  
if there was no planets there wouldn’t be a solar system.

Mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system and it
is  the closest planet to the sun. on mercury one year is 88 days.
 Mercury takes
88 days to orbit around the sun.

Venus is the second closest planet and it is the brightest thing
after the moon in the night sky.  Venus rotates the other way
then other planets and it is called earth sister planet.

Earth was was once believed to be the centre of the
universe  and it is the only densest planet in the solar system.
is only one satellite of the planet earth and its the moon.

Mars is  fourth planet from the sun and it is the second
smallest planet in the solar system.  Mars takes its name
from the roman god of war and the sun on mars appears half way.

Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun and it size is two times bigger
than all the other planets. The great spot on it is  a huge storm that
can fit three earths in it.

Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun and it is the furthest distance  
from the sun. Saturn has 150 moons and saturn is the flattest planet.

Uranus is the seventh planet from the sun and uranus has the
coldest temperature of any planets. Uranus is known as ice giant
planet because it is cold.

Neptune  is the eighth planet from the sun and it is the
smallest ice giant in the solar system.  Neptune atmosphere
is made of hydrogen and helium with some methane and neptune
has very active climate.


warm ups

comonwealth games

Sailing trip

Sailing trip
On Tuesday the 15th, some students from the senior classes were
picked to go on a sailing trip to Okahu bay.  We were dropped off
by bus and we had to walk all the way to where the sailing instructors
were first. One of the swimming instructors Justin taught us how to  
set up the sail and the steer. There were lots of knots on the ropes
and we had to untangle it.

Then we had to go and change in to our swimsuits. After putting

our swimsuits on, we put on this red jacket  with a life jacket. Then
with our partners we had to go to our boat and lift it near the water
and waited for our boat to go in the water. Finally our boat was put in
the water.  Anita and I took turns on sailing and steering. i had to swap
partners with Jayden because our sailing wasn’t going well. Then
Miss Smith and maria said that we were having a race and me and
Jayden came first and Kuea and Gideon came 2nd.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

laser tag

Laser tag

In the holidays me and my friends went to laser tag. I went with lewis,
ritchie, aj, jeziah and mahoney. We were all chose to be on the same
team because the other team was full.

First ,  me and the team went into the battle zone. We started making a
plan to ambush when they come to our territory. So we camouflage ourselves
and hide somewhere.

When , they came we were getting ready to fire at them. One the person
from the other team came and BOOM!  Ritchie hit him with the first shot.
We were cheering but that wasn’t all of them.

We waited,  for the whole team to come but every time  they are
always sending one person from there team and this was a tricky one. He
knew where we were hiding so went out to attack we seemed to miss and he got
mahoney out.

After that,  they sended the whole team out and we got scared  so we  were
planning to corner them from the sides. We were closing them in and shot  
two of their members and they had four left on their team.

Later on, the game was still going and the team was down to five against four.
We were trying to find them  but we couldn’t find them  so we split up and
 we found one of them in one of the towers and i had  shot  him. We had three more
to get.

Finally, we  shot all of them and we won the whole thing. We were glad  because
i thought we were going to lose. They were pretty hard. It was awesome and really