Friday, 22 September 2017

duffy role model assembly

Duffy role model assembly

On monday the 18th of september glenbrae had there duffy role model assembly. We had a special guest visiting. Her name was Niva retimanu, she is a journalist and a news reporter. She was born in invercargill, But she is Samoan. Niva came to talk to us about her career.

First Aaliyah Na, loto and luisa introduced Niva to the school. She was talking to us about how much she loves reading books and told us to read as much as we can. Then she read a book called ‘kiss kiss yuck yuck” . She told anyone if  we read this book and there was only a few people that read it.

After she helped give out the duffy books to the classes. It went in order of Room 1, Room 4, Room 5, Room 7, Room 8 and finally  Room 10. Then we sang the duffy song.  Next luisa thanked niva for telling us about her career.

Friday, 15 September 2017


One day on a sunny afternoon there was this kid named harvey he lived with his parent’s. His parent’s left to a restaurant on there date night and they left harvey in charge.

Harvey was so bored he invited his friends from school to come over to his house. His friend’s jack ,tray and leo were watching a scary movie.They got hungry and tried to cook some food  in the oven.They left the oven for half an hour and went back to watch the movie.

Later on they were asleep snoring loudly.They smelt this smokey smell.The smoke alarm went on and they woke up. They went to check the food that was in the oven. When they opened the oven huge fire burst up.Everything started to catch a light from the fire.

Harvey called 111 .My ‘house is on fire  will you please come quick”said harvey. ‘Will be there as fast as we could’’. By the time the fire trucks came they ran outside because things were falling apart into pieces.Is ‘everyone ok’’ said harvey. ‘where's leo’’. Said tray. Leo was still in the fire.

Harvey asked for help but no one even bothered so harvey ,tray and jack went into save leo. Leo was stuck in the room.He couldn't get out because something was blocking the doorway.Harvey went to find leo.
He was stuck in his parents room

His parent called if anything was happening in the house.Harvey could not reach the phone because the fire was so huge.Tray went to get tools to open up the door. Jack went to get some water to pour it on the fire.Tray opened the door and got leo out.Leo was unconscious because of the smoke.

His parent came and saw that the house was on fire.his parents got out of the car and went looking for harvey.Finally they found him with his friends.His parents was disappointed in him for burning the house last the fire was gone and the house was teared apart.Harvey wanted to make it up to them by leaving them in peace and quiet to enjoy there day off.

By viliami ma'asi.


Friday, 25 August 2017

kwl chart

KWL on Not so Normal

What I know
What I want to know
What have I learnt
  • Normal is from a planet from Andromeda Galaxy.  
  • Normal is alien
  • Normal was trying to go home
  • Normal  is looking for a cow that has a tag that says 382
  • Dad found normal wandering on their driveway
  • Dad asked normal where he lives.normal said far away.
  • Normal started glowing in a strange way
  • When normal started glowing tj started feeling uncomfortable around him  
  • Where is normal from ?      
  • Why did normal look inside the cow ?
  • Why did normal act so weird when he was talking ?
  • Why was normal glowing ?
  • Why did normal pull out a metal stick that was glowing ?
  • Why was he just wandering around outside there driveway ?
  • When normal saw the cow with the tag that says 382 on it  why was he chasing the cows ?
  • Why did normal start  picking cow pats ?

  • That normal is from a planet that is called T27 in the Andromeda Galaxy.
  • Normal was acting weird because  he was an alien from space .
  • He was trying to detect his spaceship because it was so small that he couldn’t see it.
  • He was chasing cow’s because one of the cow’s ate his spaceship.
  • He pulled out a metal stick because  to detect his spaceship.
  • Normal was trying to his spaceship out of the cow’s stomach.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017


WALT: I am learning to write an Explanation.
SUCCESS CRITERIA: I am able to write an explanation using the Structural and Language Features.

Purpose : to explain how or why some things occur.

Why a goalkeeper’s job important.

The goalkeeper for a soccer team is a very important player.

It is the goalkeeper’s job to stop balls that are kicked by the other team from going in the goal.
He stay’s in the goal area so he can guard the net.

The goalkeeper stops a goal by catching the ball, punching it, or by hitting it with any part of his body.

He has to be very fit because he has to move quickly from one side of the goal area to the other.

The goalkeeper’s job is very important, because he stops the other team from scoring goals.