Thursday, 22 February 2018

laser tag

Laser tag

In the holidays me and my friends went to laser tag. I went with lewis,
ritchie, aj,  jeziah and mahoney. We were all chose to be on the
same team because the other team was full.

First ,  me and the team went into the battle zone. We started making a
plan to ambush when they come to our territory. So we camouflage
ourselves and hide somewhere.

When , they came we were getting ready to fire at them. One the person
from the other team came and BOOM! We hit him with the first shot
from ritchie. We were cheering but that wasn’t all of them.

We waited,  for the whole team to come but every time  
they are always sending one person from there team and this was a
tricky one. He knew where we were hiding so went out to attack we seemed to
miss and he got mahoney out

After that,  they sended the whole team out and we got scared
 so we  were planning to corner them from the sides. We were
closing them in and shot  two of their members andthey had
four left on their team.

Later on, the game was still going and the team was down to
five against four. We were trying to find them but they  and so we
split up and  we found them in one ofthe towers and i had  shot  him.
We had three more to get.

Finally we got them and our team won laser tag.
We were celebrating outside  because we won.
I was so amazed and glad . it was awesome and really exciting

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

time with family

Time with family

In the holiday,  me and my family went to a bbq at my cousins at night because our cousin was leaving to christchurch and there parents invited us. We played rugby outside with my cousins cousins. After that we went inside to watch my brothers play on the PS3.

Then, me and my brother was playing tag around the house with soane too. Then we went to the cabin outside. After that we went to eat.

Then, we started playing around the workout place near the house outside. Then the dad said few things to his son and then he started crying.

After we, went inside  and sat on the couch and started watching the tv. Everybody  was tired but then it was time to leave. We sat in the van waiting for our parents to arrive.

Finally, we said our goodbyes and went home our was so tired when I got home I fell asleep on my parents bed in the living room

I, had a great time I had fun and i was so fool I couldn’t eat the rest of the plate. I was fool because of the pizza and I couldn’t handle the jalapeno flavour.

After that, everyone went to sleep because they were tired of watching tv.


Friday, 16 February 2018

two weeks of term 1

how i felt about coming back to school . i was sad that the school holidays were over. i felt kind of happy to see my friends and teacher. 

new events


last Wednesday we had our first two weeks of school.Mrs eilia provided the classes so we can go to the right class. we  had our first swimming lessons with Mrs eilea. we did backstrokes, paddling, and normal swimming.

on Friday, we were supposed to go water fun day but it was raining so it was cancelled. but we don't know when it is going to happen. we had no swimming.

on monday we had music lessons from a music teacher called mr Kim. who told us about lots of instruments i picked the clickers. he even played us music with a instrument called the c base recorder

this Tuesday, we had our first kiwi can lesson. the kiwi can leaders was Mr numia and Mrs lily. Mrs lily was replacing Mrs tuia.
first we did the enigiser and after that we did the activity then we did a round of gkq then we went back to class.

then on Wednesday, we had the people from toitoi to come and talk to us about there books. After that we split up with some the people from toitoi.

yesterday on Thursday, we had kiwi sports. our kiwi sports lesson was volleyball we;earned ready position and under arm serve.

this Friday, we hhave our first assembly and it is being hosted by room 10 at the end of the day.     


term 1 goal

term 1 goals

  1.  my goals in learning is to focus on my work and not be of task.
  2. my second goal is to be on 4A at the end of term 1
  3. my last goal is to be an active learner in my class

school holidats

School holidays

In the school holidays we went to the eastern beach and all of our church members were there.

Firstly, my family and I played volleyball and i was in my sisters team, but the others were in my dad's team. It was a close game. We nearly lost because they were pretty hard for us but I got one score for us.

Then me, my brother and my friend went hunting for crabs under rocks. It was low tide so we went out there and we found lots of crab but we couldn’t catch any because they were to fast and they kept digging under the sand.

After that, it started getting high tide so we went to go to play volleyball with my dad but  then i got bored so went to the shelter sat down. Then I started eating doritos with my sister.

Just then, we played tether ball with my friends but they went so I played by myself. Then my mum said we can go swimming but i didn’t have any swimming togs so i used the close I was wearing.

Next, i got into the water and then i called my brother, kuea to come and swim with me. We started playing games in the water then we kept on coming back and then going backwards and forwards.

Later on, got this box with materials that build a basketball hoop for us to play out in the sun.  it was so hard and even some of the parts missing so it made it harder for us to build.

finally, we went to eat at the shade near the barbecue. We ate sausages, chicken, ham, and some corn.

we all went into the water and had lots of fun. Then we all went out and changed. I had a great time there and I had fun.